Goldshell HS3 (Handshake Miner)

  • Factory-sealed, straight from manufacturer
  • Can mine either Handshake coin OR Siacoin
  • When mining Handshake coin, hashrate is a blazing 4TH/s, for a power consumption of 2000W (Handshake algorithm)
  • When mining Siacoin, hashrate is 2TH/s, for power consumption of 1000W (Blake2B-Sia algorithm)

Profitability Estimate

  • The HS3 can be configured to min Siacoin (SC) instead of Handshake. With our own miners, we alternate between these two coins depending on which is more profitable.
  • Handshake coin (HNS) has an All Time High of: $0.836 See price chart on CoinGecko
  • Siacoin (SC) has an All Time High of: $0.088 See price chart on CoinGecko

About the Coin (Handshake)

  • Even if you “own” a name on the internet, it actually belongs to the centralized party that controls it.
  • For example, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority owns all Top-Level Domain names, and Twitter owns your Twitter handle.
  • This means that most usernames on the internet are vulnerable to censorship and corruption.
  • Handshake aims to create peer-to-peer naming systems that are validated by the network participants.
  • For example, with a Handshake naming protocol I will blog under a name I have full control and ownership over, rather than one that Medium or WordPress owns.

About the Coin (Siacoin)

  • There are many companies like Dropbox that let you “rent” their cloud storage space. The Sia network aims to do the same, but instead of renting from a centralized party, you rent space from your peers.
  • Anyone will be able to rent out spare hard drive space and be paid in Siacoin for it.

Shipping and Customer Service

  • 5-7 day FREE shipping on all In Stock orders
  • Setup assistance for all customers
  • Order processed within 1-2 working days maximum after confirmation of payment.
  • Ships from the United States
  • Please email us with questions:


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