Goldshell HS-BOX (Handshake Miner)

  • Hashrate: 235G, Power consumption: 230W
  • Mines on Blake2B + SHA3 algorithm
  • We’re very bullish on Handshake coin because of

HS-BOX Profitability

Here’s a profitability maximizing trick that is not widely known: the HS-BOX can be configured to mine Siacoin (SC) instead of Handshake, depending on which coin has higher relative value.

Handshake (HNS) Price Estimate

HNS coins are used to purchase Handshake domains. We use .com and .net as our current top-level domain names, but imagine if you could use anything you wanted. Handshake allows people to do that. Using, you can buy and sell HNS top-level domains, often very profitably.

Brave already has added support for ENS (.eth) domains. We predict that browsers, following in Brave’s footsteps will add support for HNS domains, allowing you to go to domains that end in TLDs like .miami and .potato!

Here’s a rough framework for valuation. MIT Researchers estimated the yearly revenue from sales Domain Name System (DNS) at $8 Billion. If HNS can capture 0.1% of the value of DNS, at $8MM yearly revenue, we value a single HNS at $3.2, roughly a 10x from its September 2021 value.

How do I set up the HS-BOX?

See our guide on setting up here: Setting up a Goldshell BOX-series

Privacy Benefits of HNS Domains

Even if you “own” a name on the internet, it actually belongs to the centralized party that controls it. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority owns all Top-Level Domain names, and Twitter owns your Twitter handle. This means that most usernames on the internet are vulnerable to censorship, corruption, and hacking. Handshake aims to create peer-to-peer naming systems that are validated by the network participants, removing problems of regulatory capture and rent-seeking.

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