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Whatsminer M50S 126Th/s BCH/BSV/BTC Miner With PSU and Cord

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Whatsminer M50S Description

Model Whatsminer M50 from MicroBT mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 118Th/s for a power consumption of 3306W. The latest evolution in Bitcoin mining is here with MicroBT's brand new high-performance Bitcoin miner.

The MicroBT WhatsMiner M50 is an ultra-low-voltage energy-efficient air-cooling Bitcoin mining hardware powered by 5nm processor from semiconductor manufacturing giant Samsung with up to 15% higher efficiency than its last generation.

WhatsMiner M50 series has the most advanced thermal architecture ever in the WhatsMiner series to enable the system to run at higher power for a sustained time, which means MicroBT found a way of staying power and reduced downtime.


Product name Whatsminer M50S 126T
Algorithm SHA256
Hashrate 126Th/s±5%
Currency BTC
Power Consumption 3276W±5%
Support Coin BCH/BSV/BTC
Size 125*225*425mm
Weight 12.8kg
Temperature -5-35°C
Humidity 10~90%
Voltage/Volt 200~277 Volt