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Goldshell LB-BOX (174Gh/s) LBRY Credits Miner with PSU and Cord

Original price $249.99 - Original price $249.99
Original price
$249.99 - $249.99
Current price $249.99


Goldshell LB-BOX (174Gh/s)

Whether you’re getting started mining or you are building up your mining fleet, the Goldshell LB-BOX is a perfect match for you. Designed for mining at home, the LB-BOX will help you secure a passive income stream of LBRY Credits, a coin with strong development activity and a loyal following.

LBRY Credits has an all time high of $1.60 - reaching it again would mean extreme multiples on current mining profitability.


About the Coin

LBRY (pronounced “Library”) is a decentralized digital content distribution protocol. It will be a marketplace for video, songs, ebooks and other digital content, in which the content is controlled by the author and not a third party, removing problems of censorship and rent-seeking. Customers will need LBRY Credits to purchase this monetized content.