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Goldshell KD5 Review, Unboxing and Profitability

Goldshell KD5 Review, Unboxing and Profitability

Goldshell was founded in 2017: while Bitmain has risen to the top spot for Bitcoin miner production, Goldshell has instead focused on Altcoins. Goldshell’s Five series miners are the bread and butter of many mining facilities: not only do they mine fantastic projects, they also retain top spots on miner profitability rankings, and aren’t even the newest machines on the block.

The KD5 is no exception: released in March 2021, it became the most profitable miner on the market by November 2021, peaking at $426 daily mining revenue. It this Goldshell KD5 review, we discuss Kadena, show miner images, and talk about both short-term and long-term profitability. You can purchase the Goldshell KD5 here.

What is Kadena?

Here’s a quick run-down: Kadena (KDA) is known in the Chinese cryptoverse as the Patrician’s coin, because of the dev team‘s strong institutional pedigree. The founders were the creators of JP Morgan’s first blockchain. Kadena is a public blockchain that maintains the security of Bitcoin, while offering better scalability. It achieves this through dividing the work across a set of different chains, collectively called the chainweb.

For a more in-depth explanation, please read the whitepaper.

In November 2021, Kadena’s native token, $KDA, skyrocketed by 1400% off of the previous month’s price. Thanks to a series of positive news articles, various exchange listings, and crypto investor’s high appetite for Layer1 blockchain solutions, it peaked at US$28.25.

From November-December 2021, miners purchased the KD5 at record-high prices of $70,000+. The miner price has since fallen, leaving buyers with the sobering reminder that miner prices are closely tied to coin prices, and estimating miner cash flow should never be done on the basis of current price alone. Prudent investors must analyze the history of the coin, upcoming news, and the macro state of the crypto market as a whole.

The Goldshell KD5 Kadena KDA Miner is an industrial grade miner: it features the high max hashrate of 18TH/s and consumes 2250W of power, making it very efficient at 0.13j/Gh.

Goldshell KD5 Review: Unboxing and Pictures

Now for some pictures: 


Here we’ve removed the top so you can see the control board and the hashrate board:

We’ve removed the fans to get a better look at the board arrangement inside:

Below, this is what a board looks like: there are 4 of these total: you can count the number of chips per board with the clearly delineated heat sinks (gray squares that sit on top of each chip). 

Setting up the KD5

We plug in our machine to POWER and ETHERNET. The miner roars to life and the green light comes on.

Goldshell KD5 Review: Turn the device on

We download the Goldshell application, for windows and mac and set up our mining pool.

After running the miner for 24 hours ,we can see the ACTUAL computing power of the pool and the miner.

Goldshell KD5 Review: Hashrate

The power of the pool is 17.68TH/s, and the power of the miner is 17.6TH/s. This holds up well with the advertised max hashrate of 18TH/s.

Let’s take a look at some data from the physical miner:

The side the fan takes in air is 23°C (73.4°F)

Goldshell KD5 Review:  23°C temperature recorded

The noise produced is 76.5 db

Goldshell KD5 Review: Noise level of 76.5

The power consumption during mining is 2121W:

KD5 Review: Power consumption

How much KDA does the KD5 mine per day?

At the time of this review (December 4, 2021), the KD5 is mining 25-28 KDA per day. At current Kadena price of $11.86, this equals roughly $287-$335 Kadena per day. Keep in mind that as the awareness and popularity of Kadena grow, more miners will join and a single miner will mine less KDA every day. In addition, the price of Kadena is highly volatile in the current market; it is down 58% from its all time high of $27.64 which was just one month ago.

Is the Goldshell KD5 worth the price?

This question will depend on your conviction in Kadena as a Layer 1 blockchain solution. We believe that KDA will eventually overtake widely-known but lesser-used blockchains like TRON. This would imply a 6x in KDA’s market cap and coin price to $71 dollars per coin. 2021 was the year of alternate Layer 1 blockchains: Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX) and Terra (LUNA) led the pack and cemented themselves as solid Ethereum competitors. If KDA reached the market cap of AVAX, it would be valued at $136.73.

KD5 Review: KDA at the price of AVAX

We believe the true value of KDA sits somewhere between TRON and AVAX. While we are extremely excited about the developments coming for KDA, developer activity and public awareness are lower compared to a project like AVAX. We value KDA at around $105 per coin, making the Goldshell KD5 a clear buy for us.

Should I wait to buy the Goldshell KD5?

In this Goldshell KD5 review, we’ve determined that KDA is a great coin. We know people normally want to miners immediately so they can start accumulating coins earlier. However, prospective buyers should be aware of the circumstances around recent KDA price. KDA shot up more than 10x in the span of one month alone. In that time, prices of KDA miners also skyrocketed. As previously mentioned, people were buying the KD5 for $80,000+ at the peak price of $27.64! A month later, Kadena is $11.86 and the price of the KD5 is down to below $50,000. If only those buyers had waited a month!

The LeetMiners strategy is to purchase miners for undervalued projects WHILE THEY ARE UNDERVALUED. That meant accumulating KDA miners like the KD5, KD2 and KD-BOX in Q2 and Q3 of 2021, when Kadena was trading under $2. This meant picking up deals like the HS5 and HS-BOX because we believe Handshake (HNS) is extremely undervalued.

Even though we resell miners, we cannot wholeheartedly endorse buying the KD5 at this time. The reason is that Kadena has seen massive gains this market already. Even though it is undervalued in the long term (especially against our projection of $105 per coin) it could be overvalued in the short-term. Our recommendation would be to wait until the coming bear market, where Kadena becomes extremely undervalued and the KD5 will be available for great deals. In the meantime, we would rather buy miners mining undervalued projects.

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