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Best Power Supplies for ASIC Crypto Mining [Updated 2022]

This article curates the best PSUs for ASIC mining in 2021. The qualities you're looking for in a PSU for ASIC crypto mining are different from anything else. For one, the PSU has to be operating 24/7 so you don't lose any potential profit.


Buy name brand PSUs with good reviews OR PSUs from Chinese manufacturers. You want to check off these boxes:

  • Capacity is 2x higher than you need. Ideally, you’ll run at 50 - 60% capacity. Many people will throw out the 70% capacity number. From what we've observed, 50%-60% not only has higher efficiency, the decreased load means your PSU will last longer (peak efficiency at 70-80% is an urban myth. Much research on this subject has been done: ).
  • 80 PLUS Gold rating. Efficiency rating simply means how many Watts are wasted (turned into heat) by the PSU. 80 Plus means AT LEAST 80% efficiency at ANY load. Gold is part of a standard that came later on: it means the PSU is at least 87% efficient. You could go up to Platinum/Titanium ratings, but we don't think that is necessary.
  • Comes with multiple 6+2 pin PCIe connectors. Most ASIC miners on the market use 6 pin connectors. For every connector, you can power a different ASIC, as long as you stay within capacity.
  • Build quality. This is why we say you shouldn't skimp on your PSUs.

  Bitfools recommendation to use 2 X 750 over 1 1500 is spot on.  No need to throw away that extra money and they will be easier to replace if they fail.  At that price you could buy a third 750 and keep it as a backup in case one of the others fail.  This way you would have minimal downtime.

Also, every time I talk about power supplies I have to throw in a blurb about power supply testers.  If you have a mining rig you need a tester.  They are cheap, like $10-$15 and will save you so much time if you ever need to troubleshoot your rig. 

Figure 80% utilization, keep them cooled, good air-flow

Best PSUs under 1000W

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