To the individuals who would like to achieve financial independence:

In Walden, Henry David Thoreau asks us to compare the value of our income against the value of the time it takes to earn it.

After all, time is our scarcest resource.

When the government lowers the value of our currency by creating new currency units (printing money), it is lowering the value of our time. When our dollars are worth less, our work is worth less.

Anybody with eyes can see that everything we need costs more: groceries, utilities, gas and rent. We’re working harder for less and less reward.

Some cold, hard facts

The Federal Reserve in the US roughly doubled the size of its balance sheet in 2020 [Source
 with ‘M2 money supply’ growing faster than any year in history except 1943. More importantly, there’s no end in sight. The Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, and members of Congress, all want even more expansion of the money supply.

They call it ‘stimulus’. But giving it a nice-sounding name doesn’t change the truth: they’re engineering inflation. 

Learning about crypto is mandatory if you are serious about financial independence

Crypto is exciting for many reasons. To us, it’s not only the best hedge against inflation, it’s the bedrock of a better future financial system.


It’s the best hedge against inflation

Cryptocurrencies exist outside the mainstream financial system.  We strongly believe that even the best performing traditional asset will perform worse than crypto during a period of inflation, simply because all assets in the mainstream financial system are manipulated by central banks (and thus do not output the correct inflationary warning signals).

It’s the bedrock of the future financial system

Everybody knows the traditional banking business model is broken. The problem has been that nothing could replace it … until now. Every product and service offered by a bank can be improved upon by a service powered by a blockchain. 

As of this writing, the revenue of banks accounts for 2-3% of world GDP. This is the tax we pay to our banks for using their services.

As blockchains come to replace banks, this revenue will shift towards cryptocurrencies and their holders. It’s that simple.

We believe that the adoption of cryptocurrencies will result in the greatest technological revolution in human history, rivaled only by the invention of the printing press.

In a world where governments print money like there’s no tomorrow, cryptocurrencies offer a path to freedom, prosperity, and opportunity.

Reaching financial independence and self-sovereignty

The most important thing you can do with your time right now is to educate yourself about this nascent industry. We once thought we had missed the boat on crypto – now we think it’s still Day One. The more we research the more excited we am to be a part of this industry on the ground floor.

At LeetMiners we implore you to decide for yourself whether or not mining suits your lifestyle and your long term financial goals. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

The LeetMiners team

February 2, 2021